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THE MEMO by Rich Higgins

Here is the link to Rich Higgins' book, The Memo. This is the story of how Rich spent 20 years working inside the Deep State. This experience enabled him to accurately predict the Deep State's work against President Trump and their efforts to remove him from office as well as their savage fight against the US Constitution and President Trump.

Rich Higgins's book can be purchased at

SWITCHED ON: The Heart and Mind of a Special Agent by Eric Caron

Vist to order Eric's book, SWITCHED ON: The Heart and Mind of a Special Agent. The website describes SWITCHED ON: The Heart and Mind of a Special Agent as follows: As a twin in a large Massachusetts family with a heart of gold, Eric wanted to emulate his hero when he grew up—his Police Officer father, Sgt. Edmond Caron, a former Marine. Eric’s dad taught him valuable life lessons that formed his foundation and defined his path, and experience taught him the rest. With his family’s courage, love and guidance inspiring his journey, the author became renowned as an expert in the field of terrorism, money laundering and transnational crime. His investigations are detailed in his book “Switched On the Heart and Mind of a Special Agent” ranged from U.S. defense contractors and CIA going rogue, to WMD programs of Iran, China and Russia, to fire and intrigue in Dubai and Afghanistan. His most challenging case would be a mere mile from his family home, and grip the nation. Throughout his twenty-five-year decorated career as a Special Agent and Diplomat for the U.S. Government, Caron discovered the powerful, life-saving effects of listening to one’s heart, mind and God-given instincts. The author came to think of this principle as being Switched On. Join this Special Agent as he takes you on a ride-along filled with twists and turns and reveals the key to becoming Switched On for life.

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MAGAcorn LLC products many flavors of gourmet popcorn. Whether you want popcorn in a keepsake tin or a sampler, you will find a wide selection to fit your taste.

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Hoosier Warrior Coffee

Hoosier Warrior Coffee is a combat veteran-owned gourmet coffee company based in Central Indiana. They ship world-wide and ship to military APO's for free! Visit Her website at

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